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Monique Le

Relationship Advisor & Matchmaker

Monique helps singles find love.  She works with some of the most attractive, educated, successful, cultured and professional singles in the region.  A former Wealth Manager at an elite national investment powerhouse, Monique understands the value of time and money.  More money can be made, but time can never be recovered. 

There is opportunity cost in waiting and delaying: the older we get, the harder it is to find someone to love. 

Picking a good stock and picking a good mate have many similarities. You have to know yourself, and you have to do your due diligence.  Uniting both wisdom of the East, research and statistics of the West – putting them both against a personal background of someone who came from a long line of successful marriages – Monique helps clients navigate their journey of love.

Principal Love Broker Monique is a University of Washington Business School graduate.  She serves the community in the role of Master of Ceremony (MC), spokesperson, and judge at pageants.  She also has been a Mensa member since 2001.

Monique currently hosts a live radio talk show on Rainier Avenue Radio called AFTERNOONS WITH MONIQUE, on every Thursday at 1 PM.  The show features dignitaries, industry leaders, university professors, Supreme Court Justices, judges, community advocates and political leaders, TV personalities… etc.  The majority of the guests are people Monique has known for many years, having lived and worked in the Pacific Northwest since 1989.  She was recruited by Rainier Avenue Radio to host and co-produce the show because of the amazing network of connections she has. 

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Isabel P.

Relationship Advisor Associate

Isabel is from San Antonio, Texas and has lived in Seattle for four years. She is passionate about helping others build personal and relational skills so they can experience healthy, fruitful relationships.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and trying new cuisines. One of her favorite traveling spots is Seoul, Korea, and hiking Mailbox Peak was her most challenging adventure so far. She also loves sushi! Isabel speaks five different languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and of course, her native language English.  She is interested in American Sign Language, and always eager to learn more!

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Victoria P.

Relationship Advisor Associate

Victoria enjoys having a full schedule consisting of being active, cooking, crafting events, hosting, being a tourist, and setting aside time for family and friends. She is second generation Russian American and proud of her heritage.  She speaks, reads, and writes in Russian. She speaks it at home and practice it whenever she can.  

A Washingtonian born and raised, Victoria has been interested in connecting her friends to their authentic selves and she is passionate helping others create the loving relationships they desire.  Victoria is thrilled to practice matchmaking skills to help singles find love.  Forever learning and growing, she considers herself an advocate for lasting quality relationship, family and legacy building. 

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