Welcome to my world of Romance, where I eliminate the numbers game and help you find that special someone. I believe “Simplicity is the key to brilliance”. If you are tired of going on blind dates, getting set-up by well-intentioned but clueless friends, or wasting endless hours surfing online profiles and repeatedly being disappointed; it’s time to contact The Love Broker. We will work tirelessly to find you the lady of your dreams. Whether she be a cultivated, educated and elegant lady; or the bubbly girl-next-door sweetheart; we pre-screen all our ladies for the qualities that make a woman a delightful partner for you. We are your ambassador of love!

Our process

The Love Broker’s premium matchmaking service combines the use of proprietary algorithm tools with the personal touch of a professional matchmaker.

Our process is offline, tailored and discreet.

  1. One-on-One interview: You’ll have a call with a Love Broker Associate so we can learn more about you, your personal and relationship goals, to determine if The Love Broker is right for you.
  2. You will complete our comprehensive relationship questionnaire which will provide us the insight needed to find your most successful matches.
  3. You decide how you’d like to meet your Matchmaker – over the phone, via Skype or in person. The Matchmaker will ask questions to learn about you and your dating history and what you’re looking for in a partner. The Matchmaker will combine the insight from your relationship questionnaire results with the information we’ve learned through your discussions to find the best matches for you.

One-on-One Matchmaking

This option gives you the chance to work with your match-maker to find the woman of your dreams. Monique is selective with the men she decides to work with. If we don’t feel we can deliver what you are asking for, or if your expectations are unrealistic, we will decline representation.

Our fees vary depending upon your needs. Our fees are determined based on what the client is looking for in a partner, how difficult we feel it will be to match them and the length of the contract term.