“I’m really impressed with Monique’s approach to relationship advice and matchmaking ability. She follows a unique process based on Eastern philosophies and Western research data. […truncated…] The other matchmakers I worked with in the past would just set me up with random people in their database, but it seems Monique’s ultimate goal was to find me a great man utilizing whatever means available. I worked with her profile writer who crafted a well-written online profile and her photographer’s pictures were beautiful and tasteful. As a result of her work, I went on dates with several men who all met my criteria. I listened to Monique’s wise and thoughtful advice. She never steered me in the wrong direction- I actually had fun dating! But one man stood out. Thanks to Monique, I’m now in a great relationship!” 

excerptTeresa L.


“The Love Broker Monique set me up with beautiful, lovely, and classy ladies EVERY TIME so far! After a long day at work, I’m too tired to go out and meet women. Monique seems to understand what I’m looking for and matched me well with women I find attractive. I still have to work on my approach but so far – so good! Thanks Monique.” 

Will H.


“As a fan of Bruce Lee, I love Monique’s use of the concept “Simplicity is the key to brilliance” in her relationship advice. I learned a lot from knowing her and hope she gets the recognition she deserves for her talents. Good luck Monique! You got my vote!” 

Matt M.


“Both literally and figuratively, Monique is a woman who writes her own book. That makes for a message that’s personal, of the moment, and impossible to resist.  Monique threads her earned wisdom into her work. She seems tuned in to the greater good, and she embraces—thoughtfully and authentically—the chance to contribute to the world. She made a difference in my life. My lifestyle has improved since we started working together and I have a feeling LOVE will find me (and vice versa) soon with Monique’s guidance.”  

Andrew S.


“I have known Monique since 2001. She knows the type of person I am so she can match accordingly. I like her pragmatic approach and intuitive ability. Monique is a high-level person and I trust her implicitly.”

Richard G.


“Thoughtful, straight-up advice delivered by an analytical brain. Try working with Monique if you’re serious about finding love!”

Belinda L.


“Monique is intelligent, professional, and very personable. She makes you feel connectable and genuinely wants to help you find happiness.”

– Bao N.


“Deep insight into what makes people tick, and an open mind.”

– Chuck. P


“Brilliant matchmaker. I would recommend her to any bachelor who recently became eager to get married or find a life partner. Way to go Monique!”

– Rahil V.


“Monique assured me the men she works with are quality educated men, and I’ve met my fiance through her. He is everything I asked Monique to help me find and she delivered.”

– Tara B.


“Monique is very compassionate, honest, and has high ethics, standards, and respect. She is the best!!”

– Ronald T.


“We’ve all heard conventional wisdom on dating, but it’s not often someone like Monique comes along to make the whole process smoother! She works hard to help her clients with a personalized approach and unique attention to detail.”

– R. P.


“Monique is great. She has a way of helping people with love and life, and I cannot really put into words the full extent of her coaching. She cuts to the chase, but has compassion for one’s situation, goals, and concerns. I recommend her with the highest reference.”

– Tyler F.



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